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{lauren and dane}

Happy Crazy-East-Tennessee-Thunderstorm-Monday morning to everyone!!! The torrential downpour held off long enough for us to have a beautiful Saturday filled with a beautiful wedding! But that will come later! I have been dying to show you all Lauren and Dane’s big day!!! I absolutely love it when I get to shoot at someone’s home! It makes the pictures mean so much more…at least to me, when I know that they can look back one day and know that a place so familiar and comforting played such a big role in making their day so special! Lauren’s parents loving gave up their home one beautiful September Saturday morning for quite a few people to run around in! Here are just a few of some of my favorite moments!




Their first see was so cute and incredibly sweet! Lauren started bawling just before she saw Dane. But once they saw each other, it was all smiles from there on!




Beautiful stone porch, beyond awesome weeping willow, and two people who are insanely in love…of course I got the perfect shots!!





Gotta love those Groomsmen!! 


Lauren and Dane’s priest was by far my favorite of the year!! He was so exuberant and vivacious and his love was contagious!!! He had the entire congregation cracking up at his stories and and jokes! Definitely a great way to start off a life together!

Adore his face here... just as they are about to kiss...

A little through-the-viewfinder action at the church... shot with a Brownie Hawkeye and my D700.


On to the party!!! Lauren and Dane…they know how to dance, well, maybe!


 Who says I can't have a little bit of fun?!

These next three series are some of the best!

Lauren’s brother treated the bride and groom (and the rest of the guests) with a beautiful and also hilarious song. Lets just say there wasn’t a dry eye in the place!

Perhaps..the funniest bouquet face catch EVER!


And even though I am a huge Vol fan, I have to give it to Dane. Being one of a few Gator fans in a room full of Volunteers takes some guts…and getting them to eat Gator cake…even more!


Lauren and Dane…you made my day by asking me to be there for your big one! Congratulations! Ya'll are super dang lucky to have each other!!

Check back tomorrow! I can't wait for you guys to see what I'm working on!




{holly and michael}

Happy Manic WEEK everyone!! So much has been going on this week (I feel like I say that every week, buts its true) and I didn't want you guys to go a week without a wedding post. I guess thats the good thing about this blog being mine...I get to make all the decisions!! hehe! So here is a wedding I had at the World’s Fair Park and Amphitheatre. Holly and Michael chose not to do a first see, but Holly got a goofy little sneak peak from Michael!!

Holly was absolutely stunning! (Can we say Hillary Swank?) Holly had the cutest (and smartest) dress I have seen! Once she started boogeying, the bottom came off and she had a super sexy little white number! But we’re not there just yet, here are some beauty shots of the bride!

Being downtown offers so many interesting places to take pictures! Holly and her bridesmaid’s didn’t mind walking around to find the perfect spots! The fellas didn’t mind wandering around as well!

Holly and Michael chose not to see eachother before the ceremony, so here is the absolute cutest picture of Holly seeing Michael for the first (or second) time!

After the ceremony we were able to run away for just a bit and take some super fun and lovely shots of the bride and groom.

Holly was a former UT dancer so when Rocky Top came on, you couldn’t expect anything other from a beautiful group of dancing Volunteers!

Now, here is the funniest/uh-oh cake smash EVER!!! They look so sweet and innocent and then WHAM…Michael surprised everyone!

That looks like a pretty good note to end this post on! Holly and Michael, your day was absolutely magical and I couldn't be happier that I was there to be apart of it and capture these moments!!! Congratulations!

Check back on Friday for some FuNkY finds from Etsy!!!


{Kara and Nick

Ok, so since I am now spending so much time on here :) I have decided to make a little get the BIG wedding post earlier in the week!! Manic Monday is perfect for the craziness that is a wedding! Teehee!! So let's to it!

Kara and Nick set the date back in June (I know, I know, I am super late) out at Butterfly Gap! There are so many areas at Butterfly Gap that just ooze perfect pictures! So let's start off with some Kara!

Gotta love a girl in a white dress and a Rolls-Royce!

Nick was not that chattiest of fellas that morning, however, when he saw Kara he opened up and we began to have quite a bit of fun!

LOVE this next moment...when I was changing lenses, Kara and Nick thought they could sneak a little dancing in without us knowing...these are the moments that make everything I do worth it!

So blue wall...or green about both?!

Now that is one happy priest! Love his expression!!

And what wedding isn't complete without some of the funniest and cutest kiddos out there?

Kara and Nick, I had an amazing blast capturing your I know you guests did as well!! Thank you guys so much!

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