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{Welcome to the place for all things blog-worthy!}

 This is the most happenin' place there is when it comes to Jennie Andrews Photography. Make yourself at home and start poking around!

Check the new blog when you have a chance, and check back often. New fun things spring up all the time.


{don't forget the guys}

In the midst of planning for the wedding, it can seem like all the attention is on the bride {as it, honestly, should be}. But, after a little searching, you can find some cool items for the groom (and his "men")-- and these items are affordable and guarentee the men involved will have a little fun on the big day, too. So, on this "frugal Friday," check out some ETSY finds for the guys:

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These wooden wedding bands are perfect for the eco-friendly groom. They're made of sustainable wood with a recycled gold inlay. Instead of spending a ton of money on the wedding band, your groom can save a little green (in more ways than one), and spend it on his new bride! {click the picture to see more options}


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These pint glasses are a perfect gift for the groomsmen in the wedding party! There's many to choose from, and they would be great to use next time all the guys get together. Or, if the reception doubles as a party, the groom could break these out after he says "I do."


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And finally, for the cufflinks.... These vintage inspired cufflinks are not your typical {often boring} cufflinks for the big day. There are many different maps and styles to choose from, and you could even get a map of the destination for your honeymoon! These cufflinks are a great way for your groom to customize his suit.


{frugal friday!}

So, I don't know if you've heard of, but it's one of the coolest places to buy anything {and everything} handmade. It's especially handy when you're looking for awesome/original things for your big day.

Instead of going the regular route, think outside the bouqet creating a look for your bridesmaids. Handbags {and these in particular} can be just as colorful and fun as flowers and last a whole lot longer... Your bridesmaids will have something original {and soo cute} during the ceremony, but they will also have something that will remind them how fun your wedding was long after you are mister and misses.






Just click on the picture that you like to see each etsy page! What do you think about these handmade goodies?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday and a great weekend to follow!


the very first {phot tuesday}!

Hi everyone! Happy Phot Tuesday!

So Tuesdays are going to give everyone a sneek peek into what pictures are currently being edited, and will give you an idea what to expect when all the pictures are released. There's two pictures today! Check 'em out:


A little wedding band & sunset action


and some tree climbing goodness {from an e-session with Dakota & Adam in good ol' South Knoxville}!


{manic monday}

Bride Emily and groom Chris-- from waaay back in 2009. Gotta love those shoes!

Happy Monday to you!



New BLOG!!!

Hey blog fans, brides, grooms and cool folks in general!  I'm making it official today!  Welcome to the new blog for Jennie Andrews Photography!  We are calling it {JenAndPhot}.  Find out why by clicking the link up top!  I'm hoping that this new blog with categories, fun links and of course lots of awesome images will be not only more fun, but also more easy to navigate and a place you want to come back to more often.  In fact... in addition to me blogging weddings, e-sessions and lots of kiddos, I will also have a guest blogger (we're calling him Phot.. haha) who will be doing some special things including neato finds to make your wedding not only more photo-friendly, but also more unique and special!  So come on by whenever you have a chance!  And become a fan of Jennie Andrews Photography on Facebook to get the lowdown anytime we post a new blog!

And just for fun... one of my favorite shots from this saturday's wedding...