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{Welcome to the place for all things blog-worthy!}

 This is the most happenin' place there is when it comes to Jennie Andrews Photography. Make yourself at home and start poking around!

Check the new blog when you have a chance, and check back often. New fun things spring up all the time.


{Alison & Brandon}

Whew!! It has been a whirlwind of a couple months... you guys that know me well know that I've had a pretty crazy ride throughout May and June!  Soooo many wonderful weddings, a new office on Gay Street downtown, and time with really amazing friends.  I haven't gotten to blog quite as much as I'd like, but I have the next two weekends off... and I fully intend to not only get CAUGHT UP... but also to spend some time with you guys... my future and former brides and all other blog-lovin' folks around.  I know I say this alot, but I am one lucky girl.  I realize fully how blessed I am to get to be on this amazing journey of a business and to get to spend time with such cool and unique people on the most important day of their lives.  My Memorial day weekend this year (yeah, I'm a little behind) was one of my most memorable (no pun intended, haha) in a long time.  I'm blogging the first of those two weddings right now... and the other will follow later in the week.  I absolutely fell in love with both of the couples (and especially the brides).  So, meet Alison and Brandon first...


Alison has such a strong, close-knit, fun group of girlfriends... it is actually my second wedding within the group...

We call this the "mary poppins"


I adore the range of emotion in these next three pics...

A little behind-the-scenes goodness... She's a brave girl... red Powerade and Wedding dresses should never-ever be in the same vicinity... especially while laughing.

I think some of my favorite moments from so many weddings revolve around the pre-ceremony prayer... there are always tears shed and I am always touched by the immensity of the love.  It rained on the wedding day... I mean, BIG heavy rain... and the reception was held to be held outdoors in a field...  Alison wasn't sure if the rain would ruin all of the reception plans, but when she prayed, she thanked God for the rain... for its ability to cleanse and refresh.  I was absolutely floored and amazed by her grace.  Turns out... it only rained during the ceremony...and the reception site just five minutes down the road had barely gotten a sprinkle of rain.

LOVE this look she is giving her dad just as he handed her off...

Yep... they DANCED back down the aisle!!

The fog hanging out after the rain made for some PERFECT lighting!  

And sorry... I couldn't resist showing the best groom's cake toppers ever... theologian bobble-heads.  Too funny.

Happy Wedding Alison and Brandon!!!  And thank you for your grace, love and warmth.


happy anniversary to kelly & william!

So, since I'm fairly new to the Jennie Andrews team, I especially love posting about anniversaries because even though the pictures are from last year they feel new to me. I always go back in the blog archives (blogives?) and say "oh, I really like these!"  It's generally a difficult task to pick my favorite picture from any old wedding post, but somehow I figure it out. Ha.

But anyway--

Today we want to wish Kelly and William a very happy one year anniversary! Hope you two have had a wonderful year!

{click here to see the old post with lots more pictures!}




{phot tuesday!}

Happy Phot Tuesday to everyone! Here are a couple pictures that are being edited as we speak! This is Sarah and Jason Vance at Castleton Farms from this last weekend. Just a little bit of rain for a lotta good luck! :)




Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!


happy anniversary!

Just wanted to take a minute to wish Teri & Jonathon a happy first anniversary! They were married June 21, 2009.

So, happy "paper anniversary"-- and we hope you have many more happy years of marriage in your future!



Which picture of Teri and Jonathan is your favorite??


{Carly & Will}

Aaaahhh... the great state of Alabama!  Added another state to my list of places I've shot weddings with these guys and I have to say, I definitely wouldn't mind going back.  The wedding was at a state park near Gunthersville, AL and it was absolutely amazing.  We don't have state parks like this in Tennessee.  The lodge looked more like something in a National Park.  The wedding was on the veranda which overlooked the lake about a half mile below us.  LOVE.

The "first look"

Every bunch of groomsmen needs a good "boyband" picture.

i LOVED this wedding party!  they were up for (and wanted to do) anything and everything CRAZY!!! I've been wanting to find a wedding party that would rock some handstands for awhile now... and I'm SO glad I found them!!!  

Silly Geese...

Moms are SO important at weddings.  I LOVE the emotion in this pic.

These are two of my favorites... I'm slightly addicted to all things solar flare.