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{Sunny & Trey}

I'm a little {ok, maybe alot} behind on blogging! Getting pics finished is always my first priority, so I've let the fun stuff slip a little... but not to fear! I'm psyched to share this wedding from Labor day weekend that I just finished up!
Sunny and Trey...

The farm was on a two hundred year old farm in Sweetwater that was one of the coolest places I've ever seen. Soooo much cool stuff to shoot.

It rained most of the morning and we were so worried about being able to shoot (well, I was worried about shooting... they were worried about the ceremony), but as we arrived at the farm, the sky cleared a bit and it was perfect the rest of the day...

The rain boots were perfect for tromping around the soggy ground...

This picture cracks me up! The ringbearer had just turned around to see them in behind him kissing... hence the face. LOVE IT.

Sunny walked down the aisle to the orchestra playing "Here Comes the Sun" So fitting.

So, this had to be one of my favorite ceremonies EVER! It was a mix of Jewish and Christian and secular traditions that was so perfect! My favorite part was the seven blessings... so much emotion... one minute everyone was rolling over laughing and the next there wasn't a dry eye to be found (including mine).

And then, they danced...

...and danced some more...

I am so grateful I got to be a part of this wedding... so thank you Sunny and Trey for letting me document it for you.


{Mandy & Matt}

I'm in West Va gettin' ready to shoot the wedding of my friends Craig and Noell and I am one sleepy girl, so this is gonna be light on the jibber-jabber... but before I hit the hay, I have to share a few from a wedding at the Buckhorn Inn in Gatlinburg at the end of August. I brought along my laptop and finished up a few blog photos in the car on the way up here because I know they are dying for a sneak peak.
Matt and Mandy are actually both from the mid-west, but they love the mountains... so they dragged their entire families and all of their best buds down to the Tennessee hills for a a really nice weekend. I had absoutely NO CLUE that a place as cool as the Buckhorn even existed in the area around Gatlinburg, so I am so glad that they introduced it to me. This pic was taken during the reception... Is the insanely gorgeous, or what??

Some last minute table adjustments between the bride and groom... without seeing one another, of course.

a couple of my favorite details... LOVE the chucks.

and...immediately after finally seeing each other...

A few cool shots of Matt and Mandy...

Mandy was really fun to shoot... she has a really cool, laid back vibe and a really unique look that I loved.

I love, love both of these group shots...

The ceremony was inside the Labyrinth on the grounds of the inn. It was such a unique place to hold a ceremony... but so fitting.

Mandy and her dad.

I can't resist kiddos playing with light...


{Lorin & Chris}

Ahhhhh. A sweet wedding in a little country church. gotta love it. Especially when its followed up by lots and lots o' dancin'
Lorin and Chris got hitched in August up in Morristown. First time I'd been up there to shoot a wedding, and I've got to say... I might just like to go back one of these days.

The reception was at the Rose Center... I'd driven by there a million times back in my previous life as a drug rep, but had never had the chance to go inside. So, now I can say "been there, done that." And it is such a cool old building with what I hear is a pretty cool and varied history as well.

now this is a laid-back bride... I love how at ease she looks.

Lorin's bridesmaids wrote notes to her on the bottom of her shoes...

Lorin and Chris agreed to see each other before the wedding so we could get LOTS of shots of the two of them... Lorin just made me promise to get great shots of it... she said it was her most anticipated moments of the day... and its always my favorite.

Lorin is a traditional kind of girl... so I shot a little for her...

and a little for me. :)

see. Sweet little country church (with a little solar flare goodness).

And wrapping things up with some delicious dancing (and some delicious cake).


{love is in the air and on a boat}

Just wanted to share two recent (very different) e-sessions. I was going to blog them separately, but I think its kinda cool to see how different two sessions can be... with a few things in common... gorgeous weather, insanely good looking people, and boats.

{Alison & Brandon}

These are some of my favorites of the day... especially the top one... the more simple, the better if you ask me. :)

oh, but I'm such a sucker for solar flare... so, so, so very yummy.

and... {Joanna & Bryan}

ok, so I think this is the coolest staircase ever! well... at least in K-town. I am so happy that I dragged them all the way down there. And I love her bright turquoise dress against all that yellow.

So, the one thing that these two couples have in common is that they LOVE boating... so for the first time(s) I incorporated their boats into some shots. I loved them both... but again, so different!

I can't think of a better way to end the summer! Now just looking forward to the crazy fall I've got ahead of me... starting today. :)


{Matt & Jill}

Helllloooo blog world. Before I share these pics from Matt and Jill's wedding, I've gotta take a minute to apologize to everyone who is waiting on my editing right now. About two weeks ago, I went on a very short overnight backpacking trip and during the middle of the night I started to get a really sore throat and a cough. I totally thought it was just from sleeping in the damp air... but by the time we had hiked out and made it back to town I had a really high fever and body aches and just felt plain ole terrible. Yep, you got it... the "pig" flu. And not only did I have the flu for basically that entire week, but it turned into a sinus infection that stayed with me until just this past friday. I managed to make it to all of my weddings (thank goodness I came down with it on a Monday so I was fever-free by the next Saturday), but I have lost so much editing time in the last two weeks, it is CRAZY!!! I am working like a woman-possessed to get myself out of the hole, but, I will be running behind for the next little bit at least. So, I just want to say thank you to everyone for your patience... I really appreciate it and just know that I am doing everything in my power to catch up and get things out on at least a semi-normal time-frame.

**** OK, now for the main attraction (enough talk already, Jennie!!!!)
Introducing the brand-spankin' new Brock family... Jill and Matt.
This couple could not be any sweeter if they tried. Jill is about the nicest person I've ever met in my life... and Matt isn't far behind... not to mention that they are totally adorable. Matt has actually worked for me as an assistant/second shooter at a couple weddings and helps out with a little editing here and there, so it was fun to put him on the other side of the camera.
The wedding was at their church, but the reception was at Hunter Valley. It was actually my first time out there and it was so nice to have a fresh place to shoot! I love the room where the girls get ready... especially the glorious vintage chandelier.

We had perfect weather... a bit on the warm side perhaps, but pretty darn nice.

ok, so... best first kiss. EVER. Look at their faces in the second shot. Seriously priceless.

And I love, love, love watching people who can dance. These two had some MOVES.